01505 323 333


What does IVOR do?

IVOR or integrated voice response allows you to book a taxi without speaking to a member of our team.  It offers a faster, more efficient service to regular customers calling from a land-line.  The service is not available from mobile phones.

How do I sign up?

It's so easy, simply call us on 01505 323 333 and ask to be added to the IVOR service.  Your details will then be automatically stored for the next time you call.

Does IVOR replace staff?

No, as IVOR makes it quicker and easier for you to book your taxi, the service frees up our phone lines and means our team of call handlers are able to focus on other calls.

IVOR step-by-step guide (once signed up)

  1. From your land line call 01505 323 333
  2. IVOR will repeat your address for confirmation
  3. Press 1 to order a taxi or 0 to speak to a member of our team
  4. Hang up and your priority boking will be dispatched