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Become a Driver

Become a DriverJohnstone TOA are always looking for customer focused individuals to join our growing business.  With a great number of drivers, we are one of the busiest private hire taxi firms in the Renfrewshire area.

A recent survey of our drivers confirmed 99% feel part of the Johnstone TOA team and 92% find our management team easy to approach. So when we say, we value our drivers, we mean it.

If you want to be a Johnstone TOA driver, you need to:

Apply for your private hire driver's licence (PHVL) via Renfrewshire Council.
You will need a licence for both yourself (badge) and your vehicle (plate). Forms for both the badge and plate are available below:

PHVL Badge
PHVL Plate

If you require further information about being a Johnstone TOA driver, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if nearby, why not pop into our office for a chat. Our office is based at Johnstone Station.